Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grand Re-Opening of Recuperative Care Center Los Angeles!

 National Health Foundation has created a viable and safe place in which homeless patients may recuperate from injury of illness, post-hospitalization. The need for Recuperative Care came from the illegal practice of "patient dumping". Rather than trying to recover on the streets, now homeless patients may receive medical oversight, three meals daily and a warm bed. Referrals are made by nearly 70 partnering hospitals. Of all the programs that are similar in the USA, this one is unique in that it is entirely self-supported through fees for service paid by hospitals. Millions have been saved since 2010 in avoiding extra days in the hospital, and thousands of homeless people have been referred to housing and support services.

We have expanded our services to meet the needs of the hospital discharge planners and we have enhanced our client care. Come and see the premier program serving the homeless patient population in Los Angeles County!

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