Thursday, October 29, 2015

Celebrating Hospital Heroes

by Denise Muniz, CFRE, NHF Chief Development Officer

On November 6th, National Health Foundation (NHF) will celebrate thirty outstanding health care professionals on the occasion of the 10th annual Hospital Hero Awards Luncheon. National Health Foundation will recognize the inspiring and compassionate individuals who are bridging gaps in healthcare by delivering outstanding, direct patient care that goes above and beyond job descriptions. These are individuals who are seeing care through the eyes of patients and their families, supporting patients and caregivers to make informed choices and ensuring they access and make use of the services needed. They are working across professional and organizational boundaries, actively seeking and applying patient feedback and engaging with the local community to ensure the development and delivery of appropriate services. These are individuals for whom the delivery of this type of care is habitual, and possibly even contagious!

The nominee stories are truly inspiring. One occupational therapist had a patient who had been left a paraplegic from a recent motorcycle accident and missed his college graduation. This hero arranged a surprise graduation ceremony at the hospital with the Dean of Students, Psychology Professor and the patient’s family members, so the patient would not miss out on a day he had worked so hard to achieve. Another nominee, a nurse, found a patient of his really liked jazz music, so he played music for a patient on his phone in order to help alleviate the pain and stress the patient was experiencing from treatments. These are just 2 of the incredible nominee stories of courage and care.

“This event gives the community an opportunity to see what is right in health care. These Hospital Heroes are reaching beyond the obvious to deliver meaningful and personal care while they are inspiring patients and their families to identify and secure the services they need,” asserts Kelly Bruno, NHF CEO. “Furthermore, the Hospital Hero Awards Luncheon is an opportunity for the community to support the work that we do as a nonprofit enhancing health care access for the underserved.”

National Health Foundation’s mission is to bridge the gaps in healthcare by supporting innovative programs that can become independently viable, provide systemic solutions to gaps in healthcare access and delivery, and have the potential to be replicated nationally.

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