Monday, December 7, 2015

Patient Safety First: Collaborative Care

 by Kelly Bruno, CEO, National Health Foundation
At National health Foundation, we work to bridge gaps in healthcare access and delivery by developing and supporting innovative programs that provide systemic solutions.  In 2010, we launched Patient Safety First (PSF), a California Partnership for Health. PSF brings together National Health Foundation, California’s Regional Hospital Associations, Anthem Blue Cross and over 180 hospitals across the state in a groundbreaking partnership to improve quality of care, reduce health care costs and ultimately save lives by improving patient safety and perinatal care in California. PSF provides a forum for peer-to-peer learning, networking and sharing of best practices to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. PSF has been a catalyst for improving safety and quality in California hospitals for the past six years. Now, with the continued support of Anthem Blue Cross, PSF will be extended through 2016.
A pioneer in the patient safety movement, PSF has been nationally recognized for its collaborative model and significant achievements in reducing rates of hospital acquired infections and sepsis mortality as well as improving maternal care. In Phase 1 of the program (2010-2012), participating hospitals achieved the following:
 •74% reduction in early elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks gestational age
•57% reduction in cases of Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia
•43% reduction in cases of Central Line Blood Stream Infections
•26% reduction in Sepsis mortality
In addition, 3,576 deaths were avoided as a result of reduction in Sepsis mortality. These achievements have not only transformed quality of healthcare for Californians and saved lives, but have also generated $63 million in cost savings for the healthcare industry. With over 180 hospital participants, PSF remains one of the largest, most sustainable patient safety collaboratives in the nation.
In 2016, under the PSF plan, participating Hospitals will specifically focus on continuing to reduce sepsis mortality and improve maternal care.  
NHF is proud to partner with the Hospital Associations across the state of California and Anthem Blue Cross to make this initiative an on-going success. For more information about PSF, please visit:

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